Stable Job

My wife left me. Her excuse: you need to get a stable job.

I know what you’re thinking: this is a story about a dead beat. Well you couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, weed makes me want to vomit and the sight of salt alone makes me want to pass out. I know that I sound like an eleven year old girl but 38 years of asthma will do that to guy. You do not want things going up your nose or into your mouth.

Anyway, back to my traitor of a wife. I do have a job; it’s just that she doesn’t like my job; which I find extremely unfair and I’ll tell you why: we met while I was on a job, actually a job for her. Her father had just died and I was the guy that was digging his grave. My personal best actually. Took me less than two hours.

Anyway, what I find unfair is that she knew exactly what I did for a living and yet, she married me anyway; so I don’t see reason in her making me choose between her and my job when my job is the only reason we met in the first place.

Then there’s the issue of a stable job. Clearly, I did not marry a smart woman, my job is literally one of the most stable jobs in the entire world. People die all the time.

These days, my life is a disaster. All I hear are those two words: stable job! Stable job! Stable job! Stable job! Stable job! I am figuratively three seconds away from completely losing my mind.

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3 thoughts on “Stable Job

  1. Quite an undertaking this one Lynn…ok I’ll try and reduce the puns before they get too grave and…. ooops!

    Great take on the prompt word. There has been a very varied response to this one and a rich variety of tales. This being up amongst them. I like the way we view the character digressing in a way that quickly gives empathy to his viewpoint. Obviously we don’t know why she left him from her POV, but this quickly asserts his sense of betrayal. Really hope to see you in future prompts too. They come out in the first week of each month. First Tuesday on the main BlogBattle site and on mine two days later.

    I’m adding you to the entry post as soon as I’ve finished here. You can find it on the drop down menu on the BlogBattle page under “Battle Entries.” Any trouble finding it let me know and I’ll drop the URL for you. That said you can also find it on the post of mine you pinged back to.


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